FINNOV in the Media

Nine Government Investments That Made Us an Industrial Economic Leader

In this article on the Huffington Post, Prof William Lazonick looks into 9 investments, made by the US Government over the years, which were pivotal for the process of innovation through Government financing. Read the article in full.

Innovation - the Key to Recovery

The five-point plan proposed by the FINNOV researchers to help European governments revise and reformulate policies that focus on rewarding rather than hindering innovation has been featured in the Research*eu Results magazine (Issue 5, September 2011) published by the European Commission. The plan includes some general recommendations as well as some country and innovation-specific guidance. Read the article in full (p.26).

Green Industrial Revolution

Michael Jacobs refers to Professor Mariana Mazzucato (FINNOV Coordinator) in his article Labour Could Start a Green Industrial Revolution published in The Guardian in July 2011. Jacobs comments on the UK coalition government's radical electricity market reform and states that Labour could go further with a green growth strategy talks. Jacobs references Professor Mazzucato's Ensterpreneurial State pamphlet that provides evidence how the technological revolutions that have spurred new waves of growth in the past have sprung from government activity. Read the article in full.

State Crucial for Innovation

In her article "The state doesn't need the private sector to be entrepreneurial" published in the New Statesman (July 2011) Professor Mazzucato discusses how the UK state is crucial to creating the right conditions for innovation. Read the article in full.

British Bankers Gambling

Will Hutton refers to Dr Paul Nightingale (FINNOV WP 8 leader) in his article British bankers are still gambling while small businesses go to the wall published in The Observer and Guardian in July 2011. Hutton talks about the work he and Nightingale are undertaking for the Work Foundation in response to the Independent Commission on Banking in the UK, chaired by Sir John Vickers.

State of the UK Economy

In June 2011 Mariana Mazzucato (FINNOV Coordinator) was invited by BBC to comment on the IMF's report evaluating the UK economy and provide insights as to why she joined a group of the UK economists criticising the British government's approach to improving the UK economic situation.

Future of Business 2011 Report

Professor Mariana Mazzucato (FINNOV Coordinator) was invited to provide her expert opinion for The Future of Business 2011 Report commissioned by HSBC to investigate how the changes of the last two years have impacted how British business will be known in the future.

The Art of Balancing Rents

Dr Petr Zemcik (FINNOV WP 6 leader) commented on the issue of the rent deregulation in the Czech Republic in Cat Contiguglia's artcile The art of balancing rents published in The Prague Post in May 2011. Read the full article.

GE and Revival of US Economy

In his article 'How GE and Jeff Immelt Are Failing to Reinvigorate the U.S. Economy' published in the Globalist (3 May 2011), Professor William Lazonick (WP 6) evaluates US Congress's recent financial reforms that encourage bigger paychecks for the US companys' CEOs.

Capitalism's Crisis

In an article that reported on the proceedings at the Conference of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, held at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in April 2011, the talk of FINNOV researcher William Lazonick on stock buybacks and executive pay is mentioned as a Conference highlight of what has gone wrong with US capitalism.