FINNOV in the Media

Stock Buybacks Lose Some Luster

Professor William Lazonick was quoted in Alex Krantz's article on stock buybacks published in the USA Today in January 2010. Read the full article.

Who Really Funds Innovation?

Professor Mariana Mazzucato wrote an analysis piece for on how ‘the state plays a greater role in entrepreneurship than it gets credit for'. It was published in January 2010.

Reactivating the Czech Credit Market

In January 2010 Professor Lubomir Lizal took part in the interview on the Czech Radio (CRo) to provide his views on gradually reducing the public deficit in the Czech Republic and reactivating the Czech Credit market. View the interview transcript (in Czech).

Obama Administration

Misako Hida in the article First 365 Days published in the Wall Street Journal Japan (22 January 2010) discusses the impact of the Obama Admisnitration on the US economy after its first year. The article includes comments from the FINNOV Researcher, William Lazonick (in the article referred to William Razonikku)

Economic Insight

In December 2010 Professor Mariana Mazzucato wrote an opinion piece for the Business XL publicationon on the following subject: ''To what extent throwing money at funding innovation helps keep a country ahead in the knowledge economy'.

Fixing the Broken Innovation Model

Fixing the Broken Innovation Model

In the Fixing the Broken Innovation Model article published in the Pharma Exec magazine in December 2009, Professor Mariana Mazzucato argues that the pharma industry needs more radical innovation, including radical thinking about the 'innovation division of labour'.

Advantage through Innovation

In the Winning Advantage through Innovation article published in the Business Today in October 2009, Professor Mariana Mazzucato provided her expert opinion on the relationship between innovation and growth and why big businesses are weary in investing in long-term R&D projects. You will find the article on pages 24-25.

Economic Recovery

In his article entitled 'Economic Recovery is a Slow and Painful Process' (Nov 2009), Peter Bartram from the Financial Director quoted Professor Mazzucato on the economic growth rate in 2010. View the full article.

Buyback Threat

We would like to invite you to read Eric Reguly's article on the threat of stock buybacks. It uses data collected by Prof William Lazonick, FINNOV research team member.

The Buyback Boondoggle

We would like to draw your attention to Professor William Lazonick's article in the BusinessWeek magazine on how stock buybacks might damage economic recovery.