FINNOV in the Media

Volcanic Ash

BBC World News, April 2010. Professor Mariana Mazzucato was interviewed by BBC World News 'Business Edition' presenter Jamie Robertson on the volcanic eruption in Iceland and the impact it could have on not just airlines, but businesses down the supply chain. And how it will affect the possibility of an 'innovation led recover', as well as force economists to think more clearly about how 'risk' and 'uncertainty' differ.

Innovate and Survive

Professor Mazzucato was quoted in Dave Howell's artcile 'Innovate and Survive' published in the Making Money magazine in April 2010.

US Healthcare Reform

We invite you to read an opinion piece on the US healthcare reform is not an act of meddling, published in The Guardian (April 6, 2010). Professor Mariana Mazzucato discusses US healthcare reform, noting that Government intervention in markets and industries have often prompted innovation.

Intelligent Investment

In her Intelligent Investment in Innovation article published in the Excellence in Leadership magazine (March 2010), Professor Mariana Mazzucato rethinks assumptions on innovation and explains how an intelligent approach can prevent over-investment.

Insurance Executives

In March 2010, Professor William Lazonick published an article in the Huffington post entitled 'Insurance Executives: A Big Part of Our Health Care Problem'. Read the full article.

Intelligent Investment in Innovation

Professor Mazzucato rethinks assumptions on innovation and explains how an intelligent approach can prevent over-investment in the publication "CIMA: Excellence in Leadership"  issue 14, (Spring 2010). Read the full article (pp.52-55)

Green Technology and Toyota

Professor Mazzucato contributed to the blog 'Green Technology Could Save Toyota' blog (February 2010). The full article was written by Yasmine Ryan for the Take Part website.

Cash Bonuses

In the Cure-alls and Calamities: Are stock option plans any better than cash bonuses? article published in the Globe & Mail Report on Business magazine, Eric Reguly refers to Professor William Lazonick's research around the buyback practices of the 438 companies in the S&P 500 index that remained publicly traded between 1997 and 2008 and the effect of these buybacks.

PR Disaster for Toyota

In February 2010 Professor Mazzucato contributed to the to the ‘Business & Finance’ blog for the Open University Online Community. The subject of discussion was ‘Toyota - PR disaster or masters of innovation’.

Toyota Recall

Professor Mazzucato was invited as an academic expert to appear on Al Jazeera English Inside Story programme in February 2010 to comment on possible consequences of the Toyota recall. The programme was presented by Mike Hanna. View the programme in full.