FINNOV in the Media

Manufacturing Sector and Jobs Crisis

Professor William Lazonick (FINNOV researcher, WP 5) commented on the future of the US labour market and the use of stock buybacks in Yepoka Yeebo's artcile Manufacturing Sector Won't Solve Jobs Crisis published in Huffington Post in April 2011. Read the full article.

The Budget and Signs for Growth

Prof Mazzucato's Letter to the Editor appeared in the Times newspaper on the 28th March 2011 – Prof Mazzucato critiques the new UK budget (March 2011).

A Look at the Effectiveness of Stock Buybacks

The Marketplace piece on the negative side to buybacks aired on 19 Novemebr 2010 includes comments from the FINNOV Researcher, Professor William Lazonick. View the full story.

Ideas Factory

Professor Mariana Mazzucato discusses the Tory aim of turning the UK into a hub of innovation and how this will require a major change in how financial markets reward innovation. Read the full article

Stock Buybacks

Jia Lynn Yang in the article U.S. Companies buy back stock in droves as they hold record level of cash published in the Washington Post (7 October 2010) discusses how US companies are using their profits to manipulate their own share prices. The article includes comments from the FINNOV Researcher, Professor William Lazonick.

The Limits of Nudging

Opinion piece in The Independent online published the 22 September 2010 – Prof. Mazzucato talks about the use of market incentives to change behaviour. Read the full letter

Budget Likely to Achieve Opposite of Intentions

Opinion letter in the Financial Times website on the 28th June 2010 – Prof. Mazzucato discusses the cuts in government spending announced in the UK budget.

More Export Driven UK

In June 2010 Professor Mazzucato was invited to participate in the BBC Radio 4 Busines News programme to provide her opinion as to how the UK can become more export driven. Listen to the full interview.

Perspectives on the Rise of VAT

Opinion letter in The Independent online, published the 25th June 2010 – Prof. Mazzucato discusses the importance of investment on innovation. Read the full article.

State Cuts Will Harm Innovation

Professor Mariana Mazzucato's letter to the editor appeared in The Times in May 2010. Professor Mazzucato expressed concerns about the state cuts proposed by the conservatives in the UK stating that these measures would harm innovation. Read the full letter.