James Fierro


James Fierro

James Fierro is an international businessman and social entrepreneur. He is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Recipco Holdings Ltd., the Company behind the Recipco Capacity Exchange, an alternative market and transaction mechanism for trade discovery and payments that helps organizations to profit by creating value from their unused and available capacity resulting in increased sales and reduced dependence on cash and credit.

Mr. Fierro founded HomeGrocer.com, the first company in the world to provide fully integrated Internet grocery shopping, warehouse and delivery services. HomeGrocer was sold 3 years later in a merger transaction for approximately $1.2 Billion.

Mr. Fierro is also the Managing Partner of Venture Resources Ltd., an organization involved in the identification, development and financing of emerging growth companies. He has over 30 years experience as the Founder and CEO to a range of start-up ventures and is the visionary behind industry innovators in RFID technology, Strategic Planning, Event Marketing, Internet Commerce, Electronic Trading Systems, Online Travel and Life Safety. He currently serves as Executive Chairman of ARA Safety Inc. and COL.com Corporation.

Mr. Fierro began his career as a planning and business strategist, consulting to leading companies in the packaged goods sector including Kraft General Foods, H.J. Heinz, Nabisco, Nestle and Campbell Soup. Mr. Fierro was a long-standing active member of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization ("YEO" now "EO") and served as both the President of the Vancouver Chapter and a member of its Board of Directors. He has been active in the non-profit sector including serving on the Board of Digital Opportunities Trust and is currently the founder of Haiti.com, a non profit effort dedicated to helping rebuild a sustainable Haiti.